Mirror with two long LED backlit strips

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Need a generously sized mirror for your bathroom? Our 100x70 mirror with two long LED backlit strips is the perfect choice for you!

The regular and minimal geometric design gives this mirror a contemporary style that perfectly complements any decor. In addition, the integrated lighting allows for perfect visibility in any lighting condition, offering a feeling of greater space and additional brightness in your bathroom.

The LED backlighting is highly energy efficient, so you don't have to worry about extra costs on your electricity bill. Don't wait any longer! Buy your mirror today and enjoy the convenience and elegance it offers!



  • Type: Bathroom mirror
  • Dimensions: 100x70



  • The regular and minimal geometric design of this mirror makes it perfect for any type of decor
  • Double integrated LED lighting: the integrated LED lighting provides uniform and flicker-free lighting, ensuring perfect visibility in any lighting condition.
  • Feeling of greater space: the lack of bulky edges and the shiny and reflective surface of the mirror give a visual feeling of additional space and brightness within the bathroom environment.
  • Ease of installation
  • Affordable price
  • Quality Made in Italy



Clean the mirror regularly with a soft, damp cloth. Use only mirror cleaning products or warm water. Avoid using aggressive or abrasive chemical products that could scratch the surface of the mirror.

The mirror with two LED backlit strips is very delicate, so avoid bumping or accidentally hitting it. If this happens, it could cause permanent damage to the surface or backlit LEDs.

Avoid exposing the mirror to excessive moisture or rain. Moisture could damage the backlit LEDs or the electronic part of the mirror.

Discover all the collections: many mirrors will suit your needs! Furnish your home with us! You will find the quality of Made in Italy without neglecting the convenience of the price!

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